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Instructions on signing up for sessions

Training Sessions

Click on the Training Sessions link below.

For booking sessions – Use the schedules below.

1). Create a scheduling account in the top right-hand corner of the calendar.

2). Pick a date (“Add Times” if you’re booking multiple dates). After you hit continue, fill out the information on the page.

3). On the payment page, enter your code in the "Manage Codes" section of your account in. You can enter it in the "Package, gift, or coupon code".

You need to be signed into your account while booking for the sessions to show up on your account. You can track your sessions through the "Appointments" tab in your account.

BP Training Sessions

Forget your code? Find out above through "CHECK CODE BALANCE"^

Blaine Shooting Sundays

No code required!

Create an Account, Schedule a Session, Manage Sessions

You must be signed into your account when booking for the sessions to show up on your account




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MBT is focused on building relationships through the game of basketball. Through those relationships, we are able to instill confidence in every player we work. Our goal is to help our players take their game to the next level one step at a time without skipping steps along the way.



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